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Top marketing ideas to get 2017 off to a great start

ARE you worried about the post-Christmas slump? Do you want to get 2017 off to a great start? If you’re already thinking ahead, the WeFax team has put together some top marketing strategies to ensure your business starts the new year the right way.

Beat the blues

Poor old January often gets a bad press. After the joys of Christmas have died down, it seems as though there isn’t much left to look forward to – and if you need to market your business, that’s a difficult hurdle to overcome.
However, if you look carefully enough, there are plenty of ‘hooks’ and angles to be found in this supposed month of doom and gloom. Try an uplifting campaign based on the theme of Beating the January Blues or tie your marketing message with any number of special events or days that you could consider incorporating into your editorial calendar.
Did you know there’s even a Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day on January 17 and an official Blue Monday on January 16?

Make a fresh start

Have you ever noticed how diet programmes and gym memberships are endlessly plugged in the new year? You don’t have to be in the health and fitness industry to learn a thing or two about the strategies employed to attract and entice clients. It’s all about offering a fresh start and the promise of the feel-good factor further down the line.
Whatever product or service you provide, now is the time to use the same tactics. Whether you supply cars or office furniture, it’s all about communicating why your business offers the best route to improvement and how you can make a real difference to your customers in 2017.

Out with the old

Get rid of unwanted or old stock by offering a special discount. We know that the well-used January sales line is a bit of a marketing cliché but hey, if it isn’t broken…
In the spirit of all things new, you could also use this time to refresh your marketing materials. Remember that if you need help with business logos, branded stationery, posters and more, the WeFax team now offers a complete design service.
Make sure your B2B contacts aren’t stale and you’re able to generate quality leads using the most up-to-date information and data available. Our fax database now stands at more than 750,000 fax records – all of which are searchable by industry sector, employee size and region. Meanwhile, our email database is a huge 4.75 million UK records.

If you’d like WeFax to help your business get in shape for 2017, just give us a call on 0800 015 9314 or click here to contact us and request a quote.