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International Faxing ?

Fax broadcast to 31 International destinations. Bulk discounts apply for larger volumes.

We will work with you to get the best out of your campaign, to enable you to generate more business. You can get started with fax broadcasting quickly and easily by contacting us today using the details shown on our International Fax Marketing Contact Us for Price page

How it works
  1. Create your flyer or get us to design one for you.
  2. If you are using our UK businesses fax database you have the ability to filter the data by dial code, postcode and SIC (Standard Industry Code). This allows you to streamline your target audience to ensure you get the best response from your broadcast. Alternatively you might have your own database you wish to use.
  3. You decide when you want your faxes delivered.
  4. All we ask for is payment prior to transmission.
FAX Design

Wefax offer free advice on how to get the best response from your flyer.  Once you are happy with the layout and content of your flyer we will schedule a free test-send, to check that the flyer prints correctly when sent to a fax machine. This ensures that you are happy with the finished product prior to your broadcast.

Alternatively if you would like to get your flyer professionally designed please contact our design team who will tailor make your fax broadcasting flyer to your personal specification.

Our design team typically charge £50 for the construction of an A4 flyer.  The flyer will be supplied in a format which will allow easy manipulation of the content, time and time again, for unlimited use in related campaigns.

For hints on how to design your flyer click here


Our certified fax data baseis free to use as many times as you wish.

Data is screened against the FPS (Fax Preference Service) check-list before broadcasting to ensurecompanies registered with the FPS do not receive unwanted faxes.

Data can be streamlinedusing the following criteria:

  • Standard industry codes industry
  • Dialling code (i.e. 0207, 0161 … etc).
  • Postcode Postcode
  • Geographic location

If you choose to use your own fax databasewe can screen this against the FPS check-list free of charge. We also provide amail-merge service for clients who want to personalise their faxes.


Wefax represent exceptional value when it comes to both fax and email advertising.

Our pricing structure is highly competitive, catering for both high and low volume senders. All we ask is for payment of your broadcast prior to transmission.

Fax Marketing – What is it ?

Fax Marketing – Also known as Fax Broadcasting, Fax Advertising, Fax Attack or Bulk Faxing – is an effective and a highly cost-effective method of catching the attention of possible business prospects. It is the quickest and most cost effective method of generating sales leads. Whatever your business or target market, WeFax will get your sales message across, quickly and efficiently.

Fax broadcasting promotes your company and its services and encourages people to contact your business to make a purchase.