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Helpful Hints

How do I define my target market?

You know best who your flyer will be relevant to. Our fax and email databases of UK businesses allows you to define your target audience by standard industrial classification codes (SIC codes), dialing code, postcode and geographic location. Using these criteria you have the capacity to make your campaign local, regional, or nationwide while still having the capability to target specific industry sectors.


What makes a ‘successful’ flyer?

If we define a “successful” flyer as one which generates a good response/uptake, there are a few guidelines which you should consider:
1. Do not overcrowd the flyer with excessive information. It is often helpful to read the flyer content back to yourself while considering “which bits are unnecessary?” Too much information puts potential readers off.
2. For fax keep the content of the flyer black and white; avoid colouring, shading and complex images. Remember that a fax is a low-quality document so a photo or high-resolution image will loose a lot of the detail when sent as a fax. Additionally a high-resolution image takes a longer to transmit and print, and uses more ink on the receivers machine.
3. For email we need your flyer in HTML format, if you cannot do this we
can convert any of your flyers to HTML for a small fee. 
4. Encourage the reader to act immediately when they read your flyer by including information like “offer valid until the end month”, “the first 100 customers get an extra 10% discount” ….etc.
5. Ensure you include as many possible means for the reader to contact you (i.e. phone number, website address, fax number, email address… etc).


What size should the flyer be?

The flyer should be designed to A4 size. Make the most of your margins to avoid the content being squashed into the middle of the page.


What file format should the flyer be in?

Most file formats for fax campaigns are acceptable Microsoft Word format (.doc), PDF, JPG or TIFF.. For email campaigns HTML files are required.
By following these WeFax fax and email broadcast marketing tips, you can increase the effectiveness of your broadcasting and marketing campaigns.