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Fax Marketing

Also known as Fax Marketing, Fax Advertising, Fax Attack or Bulk Faxing – is an effective and a highly cost-effective method of catching the attention of possible business prospects. It is the quickest and most cost effective method of generating sales leads.


Here at Wefax we pride ourselves on creating the best unique advertising ideas and concepts for our clients. Getting your design right is just as important as choosing your target audience. That’s why we have a design team available to help you achieve this.

Email Marketing

Email Broadcasting  – is a direct online method of advertising. When done correctly it is a productive method of retaining existing customers and generating instant sales leads. WeFax offer a bespoke email delivery system.


Get the data you need for successful marketing by accessing our UK Business file containing over 3 million records. You can search our database by industry, employee size, geography, email address, fax number, telephone number, job title and turnover.

How do I define my target market ?

You know best who your flyer will be relevant to. Our fax and email databases of UK businesses allows you to define your target audience by standard industrial classification codes (SIC codes), dialing code, postcode and geographic location. Using these criteria you have the capacity to make your campaign local, regional, or nationwide while still having the capability to target specific industry sectors.


FAX and email Design

Wefax offer free advice on how to get the best response from your flyer. Once you are
happy with the layout and content of your fax or email flyer we will schedule a
free test send. This ensures that you are happy with the finished product prior
to your broadcast.

Alternatively if you would like to get your flyer professionally designed please contact our design team who will tailor make your fax or email broadcasting flyer to your personal specification.



WeFax Blog

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